Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Call Him God?

Christian response FAIL

The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails

The Problem of Evil


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I really like The Thinking Atheist. I'm glad atheism is spreading more and more! I'm hoping to spread it too.

  2. Thanks, Dori!

    Sometimes it's hard being an atheist (I put "agnostics" into the category as well). I don't think anyone at my work knows I don't believe. Most of them are "Christians" of one lukewarm sort or another, but I know of no open atheists. It seems to be acceptable to spout inane god talk in the workplace constantly, including references to Jesus, but if anyone expressed a godless opinion I have the feeling they'd be shunned as "evil".

    There probably are atheists among my co-workers, but they just keep their mouths shut, so if atheism continues to spread, that will be all for the better.


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