Saturday, April 10, 2010

6 Subtle Ways the News Media Disguises Bullshit as Fact

So, I am guilty of spending far more time than is socially acceptable reading articles on And the most evil thing about that website is that once you get to the bottom of the article, you are given about a dozen links to other Cracked articles tangentially related to the one you just finished. Two hours later, your productivity has ground to a halt, but you've acquired a disturbing amount of information on the subject of weird sexual fetishes.

Accounts of my distractability aside, I just found this great Cracked article - 6 Subtle Ways the News Media Disguises Bullshit as Fact - that definitely deserves a look. It's a really good look into how the media is able to sneak bias into their stories while presenting it as fact. And into how news stories can often just be complete bullshit hiding behind a sensational headline.

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