Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Blog

...when The Ten Commandments is gonna be on TV. I had plans to blog all night long, bringing you the first episode of our new weekly Caturday feature, Catty's Corner, and some other stuff, including a post called "Fool", which I haven't even begun to write yet.

But I must watch one of my favorite Bible films tonight. It starts in about an hour and a half out here where I live, and as I wasn't wise enough (or biblical enough) to buy the three disc DVD when I had the chance, I will watch the Easter tradition tonight on ABC.

It's the best of the old Biblical Epics that Hollywood was so good at producing, and to me it may as well be Clash of the Titans when it comes to taking it seriously as history (as I did as a teenager when I was some kind of a half-Christian) but I enjoy it on a purely fantasy level. Maybe, like Clash, it will someday become a 3D CGI extravaganza. Although so much of the fun of the original Clash of the Titans was Ray Harryhausen's stop-motion effects, a lost and apparently no longer wanted art, and The Ten Commandments commands the same respect from me; to try and update it would be, appropriately, a kind of sacrilege.

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