Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Anarchists" protest for bigger government

Yeah, that makes sense.

Although many involved are certainly partisan Republican hacks, the Tea Parties are railing against a fascist federal government's despicable power grabs, including the bail-outs, the healthcare bill that forces us to hand our wallets to the insurance industry, and endless other assaults on our liberties. In other words, the collectivist anarchist deadbeats are protesting for state and corporate control, for our idiot President and his goon squad, at a time when all the blue-collar folks they claim to represent have had enough.

No need to comment further; there's over 300 on the thread I linked.


  1. And these are the same "anarchists" who constantly proclaim that anarcho-capitalists are not real anarchists!

    The tea party movement may be a mixed bag (no pun intended) but it has brought together many people with a genuine concern about out of control government.

    It's one thing for "anarchists" to oppose both the state and capitalism, but when you direct your hate toward people who want to shrink the state, and support at the same time the people seeking to further the state's role in our lives, you expose yourself for what you really are, nothing but a statist stealing the name anarchist, as "liberal" was stolen by previous statists.

  2. The Tea Party has never been about smaller government. It would have started under Bush had that been its aim. It's not even about taxes, because federal taxes went down for over 95% of American households under Obama, but they talk like taxes went up. They are nothing but an arm of the Republican/Fox News Party.

    You don't have to like Obama to hate the Tea Party. Trust me...


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