Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just Some Stuff 15: Special Easter Edition

Easter and the Moon

Easter was always a very special holy day, far more than even Christmas a few thousand years ago. During this time, the true believers used to make a pilgrimage to the holy lands. Of course, in this day there were no trains, planes and automobiles, there was foot, camel and horse. Most traveled by foot. This presented a new problem because they needed to be able to travel after dark, and therefore needed some kind of light. What better light to have than the light of the moon?

Pilgrims to the holy lands walked at night by the light of the moon. The only way to make sure they would have that light would be to have the holy day move around and follow the moon. A week after the full moon would have the moon rising late at night and being in the sky all night, very convenient for those traveling!-The Moon and Easter

We're still waiting for our Easter dinner. It's a ham, a nice big spiral cut honey glazed ham. Only it's still cookin'. Got started late. Then again, I've never made as big a deal out of eating on Easter as I have Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which is why I'm wondering why I heated up that giant-sized Don Miguel frozen Mexican dinner. I was only supposed to have a snack to tide me over while waiting for the ham, but now I'm stuffed.

David Soul - Don't Give Up On Us

David Soul

Soul became famous with his role in the television show Starsky and Hutch, but was a singer before that. Don't Give Up on Us became a number one hit in the U.S. in April of 1977.

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