Monday, April 5, 2010

A chainsaw is better for your computer than Best Buy's "Geek Squad"

Before having my computer fixed by another company, I went to Best Buy to back up my data, based on the extremely foolish assumption they could handle such a simple task with a sliver of competency. Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

Since my computer was just fixed last week (fortunately by Radio Shack instead of Best Buy) I took my laptop back into Best Buy on Saturday and told them to put the data back on. They agreed, so I signed for it and went back this afternoon to retrieve (what I thought was) my computer with its data reloaded.

When I came back, I started to realize there was something funny about my computer. First, there was no new data on it. Second, the new stuff I had re-downloaded after getting it fixed was also gone. So I called Best Buy to ask where the hell all my data was.

The first time I called, I was put on hold for over 40 minutes. I hung up and called back again, this time greeted by an arrogant jackass who acted as if I was being impatient. "We're working on it, and will call you back," he said.

Needless to say, they never called back. After a few hours I tried calling back again and again, never getting ahold of everyone. Finally, I went back to the store around 8 p.m. and oh boy, was I PISSED.

It took nearly 20 minutes for the Geek Squad imbecile to help me, as he was busy watching sports (Customers? In a customer service area? Whoulda thunk?). By the time he noticed I was there, there were several other angry customers waiting in line.

"I told you guys to re-upload my data. Not only is it not there, but all the other stuff I had on my computer is gone too." The guy looked over the store notes then said there must have been a so-called miscommunication. Instead of re-uploading my data, the geniuses had uploaded a new operating system!

That's right: they confused "back up my data" with "erase my data and make sure I can never get it back."

After about half an hour of telling off the managers, the cheapasses finally gave me a refund. (Refund!? They OWE ME money!)

Next time I have a computer problem, I'd take a chainsaw to it before I'd go to Best Buy.


  1. Take this situation... and pretend it's your body... and that's deregulated healthcare I keep hearing you guys praise. "We need more doctors!" Not like these guys...

    Maybe there's a shortage of decent workers because our educational system creates fools.

  2. This is why I keep all my most important data on an external hard drive.


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