Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Star Trek: The Next Degeneration

I've been reading some old Star Trek novels I had packed away in the garage. I'm not much for that sort of novel based on television shows, but I'm hooked on these Star Trek ones now. I'm in search of more, especially out of print titles. I found one called Spock, Messiah! that I bought new. It's been in mothballs for who knows how long, and I'm just reading it now. It's a pretty good story, actually. A little controversial at the time for its sexual overtones, but the idea of implants to give crew members investigating a planet a direct link to the minds of the more primitive natives is interesting. For a neat site on just about every Trek book ever published, both fiction and non-fiction, check out The Complete Starfleet Library.

And, since I'm in a Star Trek mood, here are a couple of fun videos:

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