Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ron Paul On The Mandatory Worker ID

The ID card is part of "a new comprehensive immigration bill" , and under the proposal "all legal U.S. workers, including citizens and immigrants, would be issued an ID card with embedded information, such as fingerprints, to tie the card to the worker". The two chief statist proponents of the ID plan in the Senate are (what a surprise!) a Democrat Federal Government lover (the very evil Charles Schumer of New York) and a Republican Federal Government lover (the very, very evil Lindsey Graham of South Carolina). Nice to see that the usual alliance of the two ruling class parties of the phony two-party system is still intact and continuing its mission of increasing the power of the almighty state. When are people ever going to learn that "throwing the bums out" every two years and replacing them with other bums is never going to change anything?

Traitor to the U.S. Constitution Graham says: "We've all got Social Security cards. They're just easily tampered with. Make them tamper-proof. That's all I'm saying."

But Social Security cards were never originally meant to be used for ID purposes. But with the growth of ever increasing power and domination over our lives by the central state in Washington over the decades, it has become such a card (or number-but remember, you are NOT a number, you are a human being!) that follows us everywhere.

The new proposed ID (read, control the population) card would have biometric data that would

likely be either fingerprints or a scan of the veins in the top of the hand. It would be required of all workers, including teenagers, but would be phased in, with current workers needing to obtain the card only when they next changed jobs.

You see, our masters in D.C. don't believe we own our own lives. They and their almighty Big Brother State are the real owners of EVERYTHING, and without their permission, you can't do anything, including earn a living, which it is your natural right to do.

So ask yourself, are you slave or free? And what are you going to do about it?


  1. Can you imagine going through life dating one person until it doesn't work out, then dating another person until it doesn't work out... except once you break up, you have to start dating your ex again?

    I understand why Republicans would want to do this, but I am curious what the Democrat angle is. Is it their attempt to handle illegal immigration indirectly? It may be they recognize a new form of security is necessary, given the rise in identity theft, and biometrics is one form of ID that is more difficult to forge than a simple 9 digit SS number.

    I dunno, I don't jump to the same Orwellian conclusions on these things. Oh know, they have my fingerprints... if I commit a crime, they'll actually catch me. That sucks for criminals. Hope we first work on legislating properly so we don't criminalize frivolous things.

  2. I'm not asking to be facetious, I'm just curious: how can this be abused? Are you worried that political objectors will be rounded up using data mined through such means? I'm just at a loss, because people who oppose things like this and public CCTV cameras in public places seem to think all they have to do is suggest the word "privacy" and they have the moral high ground.

  3. Just thought I'd leave a comment.

    You seem like a clone of all the other anti-government, paranoid, tin hat wearing netizens that are all over the net.

    You're certainly not unique.

  4. Strong words for an anon commenter...

  5. You seem like a clone of all the other anti-government, paranoid, tin hat wearing netizens that are all over the net.

    Ah, another cowardly pro-state troll! Can you tell be how you differ from all the other nasty little pro-government trolls out there, anonymouse?

    To oppose tyranny is to be crazy, right?

    I'll bet our cowardly little anonymouse is a taxpayer parasite (government employee).

  6. I'm not asking to be facetious, I'm just curious: how can this be abused?

    Ginx, I understand what you mean, but that's not much different from all those Bush administration apologists who told us not to worry because all those measures (Patriot act, et al.) are only going to be used to catch the bad guys.

    But why give government more power and more control? Why not be concerned about encroachment on civil liberties? Tyranny doesn't always happen overnight; sometimes it takes place in tiny, incremental steps.

    and they have the moral high ground.

    We do have the moral high ground, because there is NO way to justify the state doing something that a private party is prohibited from doing.

    I have a right to work, YOU, Ginx, don't have the right to come to me and require something from me for the "privilege" of working for someone else. And if you don't, Ginx, neither does the criminal gang we call the state.

  7. Actually you have to tell the state you're working in order to pay taxes, so...

    Requiring worker IDs is nothing like holding people without due process of law or wire-tapping. Like I said, just tell me how it can be abused. Prosecuting someone who works without one?


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