Sunday, March 7, 2010

Real Mice Eat Peanut Butter

I guess mice actually hate cheese, which means all those cartoons I watched as an impressionable child were lying to me. I shouldn't be surprised really, as the state's lapdog media lie to us about everything.

via Contratimes

A better way to catch a mouse is with peanut butter (or so I've always been told) and this next video demonstrates the method in action (be warned though, this is sort of a mouse snuff film). And for those of you thinking about recording your own mouse encounters for posterity, keep in mind that killing a mouse can be a criminal offense. If you make the distinction that those teens were torturing the mouse, not merely ending its life, watch the mouse trap video carefully. Does the mouse not suffer? And what about perfectly "legal" forms of animal torture, such as the use of steel-jaw traps? Is it hypocritical to prosecute some and not others based on arbitrary distinctions? Is our concern over mouse suffering another symptom of the devaluing of human life by raising the value of animal life?

How to Catch a Mouse With Peanut Butter (IN ACTION!)

Note: the mouse doesn't appear on the scene until 1:45 into the video.

Does anyone remember Superman Peanut Butter? That would be a more appropriate product for a commercial of a mouse surviving a trap, wouldn't it?

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