Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stop Daylight Saving Time!

One good point made in the first video; it doesn't save us energy because people drive more during those extra daylight hours, going to the ballpark, the mall, etc. (which also means they spend more, so it's good for our corrupt consumer society where the focus is spend, spend, spend, even if you can't afford it). But they sell this crap to us as an energy "saving" measure, which it's not. Like extra daylight during most of the year, including the long days of Summer? Fine, that's what's it's for, then, nothing else.

I HATE daylight saving time, myself (or at least, I hate changing the damn clocks twice a year). This weekend (officially Sunday at 2AM) we have to set our clocks ahead an hour, which means I lose an hour of sleep. Blame the government (again) for this one, and if you think it's stupid and sucks, move to Arizona (or Hawaii, if you can afford it).

Or, even better, fight back against the clock dictatorship! Refuse to turn your clock back or forward!

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