Thursday, March 4, 2010

Extremism in the Defense of Liberty


  1. I disagree with one of the fundamental points. The Tea Party "movement" is nothing but anti-Obama sentiment. Like you've stated many times before (and is apparent to anyone who was even half awake the past 10 years), there is nothing economically different between Obama and Bush, besides Obama's semi-honesty (he'd be completely honest if he would stop talking like he's tough on banks). If the tea-partiers were truly concerned, why only express outrage when a black Democrat is in office?

    To those of us who didn't like Bush and don't like Obama, the Johnny-come-lately critics who were silent under Bush just seem... well... racist. They aren't necessarily racists, but that's the biggest real difference between the two presidents.

  2. I agree with Ginx on the "where were they angle" but only up to a point. I think the main reason why there's a backlash is largely based on the perception of who and what Obama represents: socialism. Rightly or wrongly, Bush was not associated with that. So, no backlash to him. Even if he was all about big government.

    It doesn't mean, however, despite this apparent hypocrisy, that there's real concern if not outrage with the expansion of government. Obama was supposed to represent change. He's far from it.

    I wouldn't characterize them as just being anti-Obama. They seem like a mixed bag to me.

    Time will tell if this is some sort of "Quiet revolution" as the term was pegged here in Quebec; a reawakening if you will.

  3. There's no reawakening here. They're still fast asleep, having the American Dream (sponsored by Ambien).

  4. I support our constitution, and if they feel the need to protest about how things are going on then that's their right. I'll never agree to condone behavior that wants to fly a plane into a building to protest taxes. If you do not like how things are being run, then hopefully someone better suited for the job will step up and we can give them a chance to make things better by voting for them.


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