Monday, March 8, 2010

Urban Survival Tips for Suddenly Poor Americans

I took the liberty (and not to mention the time) of including the tips that are presented during the video below:

Tip # 1: Reduce your housing budget. Be creative, downsize, add on, rent rooms, bug out.

Tip # 2: Offer to do odd jobs for your community, volunteer first and then begin to charge those that can afford it. Keep Busy.

Tip # 3: Try and maintain normalcy, you don't want to be targeted as an Urban Survialist by your neighbors.

Tip # 4: Prepare yourself mentally for a 50% reduction in wages and income.

Tip # 5: Beware, a steady diet of bad news may lead to depression. If you begin to feel catatonic or have severe anxiety, go outside. Camping or hiking may help.

Tip # 6: Deal with bills first-cut everything to the bone. Deal with looking for additional income second (burning bills helps relieve some anxiety).

Tip # 7: Shop locally! Look for shopping venues where you can avoid sales tax like garage sales, craigslist, and ebay. In California we are seeing "in home" restaurants starting to open (just like Mexico).

Tip # 8: Squat whenever possible.

Tip # 9: Prepare for a possible 50% reduction in the price of your home and plan accordingly.

Tip # 10: if you have extra income, by God, don't waste it. Consider investing in gold, silver and agriculture.

Tip # 11: If you have a job in an industry that depends on discretionary income like most retail, real estate, etc. make plans for a second career.

Tip # 12: Prepare to feel like you are in an episode of the Twilight Zone. *This is normal*.

Tip # 13: If a business can be done cheaper online or overseas, it will.

Tip # 14: Use the Internet to save on entertainment, socializing, telephone, and transportation. If you can learn how to build or fix something from YouTube take advantage of the world of information Google has to offer.

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