Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Some Stuff 14

It's quiet here in Lake Just Some Stuff. We've gathered around the computer to tell stories and drink tea (though a few are drinking something a bit stronger) and we figured we'd invite you to join us. So welcome, and hopefully we'll be here on a regular schedule from now on. We're thinking every Thursday would work out fine. It's an almost the end of the week kind of day, where the hump is gotten over, and the glorious weekend is about to dawn.

Just last evening, as one of us was exiting the workplace with a co-worker, the weekend was brought into the parting conversation. "Hey," said one, "we've only got a couple more days! That's great, isn't it?" Though to be truthful, that last line was more of a statement than a question. It is great, of course, though one wishes it were greater, at least one day greater, either way.

Robert Culp on Bill Cosby and "I Spy"

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We recently had an unplanned 3 day weekend, by calling in sick Monday. If we were really, I mean we were really sick...and we enjoyed the extra day off. We would like to propose to the powers that be a change making this enjoyment permanent. Our co-workers find it a splendid idea, so much so, that some even offered the opinion that the workday be reduced to just four hours, though we could live and work with 6. We haven't met an ordinary worker yet that is satisfied with just two days off a week, two days that pass much too quickly once they arrive, and are found to be too brief to justify the joy and relief their anticipation causes so many. The conclusion that if the workers ran the workplace (something we know they are quite capable of, in spite of boss BS) leisure time would increase to a human and humane degree is inescapable.

Interestingly, as we were thinking all this, we heard of a story regarding the public schools in Illinois, where a four-day school week has been offered as a solution to budgetary incompetence.

We long ago came to the realization that the public school system is primarily a means of indoctrination in docility. You MUST awake too early, when your eyelids are still heavy and the sun is still shining on the other side of the world. You MUST get up and go even if you don't want to or have something better to do with your day. And when you finally "graduate", you learn that your imprisonment has only just begun, because you still have to get up at the crack of something (possibly a whip called an alarm clock) and go somewhere you hate to be, somewhere where you'll be without the right to come and go as you please, and you'll have to do this FIVE days a week, being allowed only two days to recuperate. But you'll accept it all as normal and even as good, because you were trained well during your so-called childhood.

Which is why we think it a wonderful proposal to give kids an extra day off, though some in Bizarro World find the idea troublesome.

One Bizarro "parent" asks "Where would the kids go? And the kids who are too old for day care, where would they go now?" and wonders "What about the parents who can't afford day care?" while we wonder about people who bring children into the world when they can't afford them, and then further wonder why somebody else must assist in paying for them. The questioner, by the way, is mother to three, ages 9, 6, and 4. One wonders, doesn't one?

We do have some advice for those unable or unwilling to pay for ALL of the expenses resulting from bringing new life into being: STOP BREEDING.

One Monique Bond, unsurprisingly a "spokeswoman for Chicago Public Schools", wants to increase the time kids spend in government indoctrination camps public schools, not decrease it. "We've been very strong proponents of year-round school and we're looking at ways of keeping students in school for extended learning," she said.

We feel that what Monique is really concerned about is decreasing the power of the taxpayer parasites school teachers and administrators over children and tax dollars, and deceasing the amount of time children are exposed to their relentless pro-state propaganda.

So we hope all schools adopt the four-day week, and although we'd prefer they commit suicide instead, and thereby relieve children of the burden of meeting their ridiculous compulsory demands, a slow death is better than no death at all. It could even be that children growing up with only a four-day week with a decent three days off, might then find it strange to find they are compelled to spend five days laboring each week once they enter the workforce. It might even get them to think and begin questioning the system.

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