Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm finally back!

Guess who's back?
Back again?
Cork is back.
Statists cringe!

My laptop is finally, finally fixed after what seemed like an eternity. Over the last few weeks I:

-Went on a ridiculously spontaneous road trip adventure to Las Vegas

-Looked in vain for a job

-Became a volunteer in my community (amazingly, I did so without the government sticking a gun in my face--what a concept, huh?)

-Cringed as Barack Obama obliterated what remained of our health care system

-Cringed again as the blood-thirsty Obama called to murder innocent Iranians for their leaders' alleged "crimes" (ie, refusal to obey the nonsensical demands of the US and its allies).

But enough with the updates. Time to get moving again!


  1. Welcome back, hopefully you still have you pants after Vegas.

  2. Welcome back, Cork! Now let's go get 'em!


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