Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shame on Everyone for Obamacare

The Democrats ushered in Obamacare but Republicans laid the groundwork in 2003, and were certainly no heroes in the lead up to this latest big government scheme.

Republican George W. Bush signed into law the largest entitlement expansion of government in health care up until that point, when he signed the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Bush said "These reforms are the act of a vibrant and compassionate government."


  1. Shame, really? Like a kid crying because he has to get a shot...

    This whole healthcare debate has revealed the Right for what they are: whiners. You can hide behind libertarianism, but you're just a shill for the corporate status quo if you oppose regulation of a deadly industry. My only complaint about the bill is it's not nearly enough.

  2. I agree that Bush opened the door to this madness, called Obamacare but I also blame the citizens for sticking it to the Republicans and voting for Obama. There was so much that voters ignored about Obama that if they had really listened to the code words this could have been avoided. They bought into the hopey and changey kool-aid. And, I am glad that the GOP showed that they have spines or balls and stood up for the American people who by far against this bill, as well as standing up against the Democrats disastrous health care "reform" for America.

  3. Ginx

    You don't get it, this has nothing to do with the two parties - they are at this point only different members of the same collection of elitist country club goofs.

    Is "health care" broken - hell yes, and it is broken because we have had socialized medicine for a long time now.

    Ever wonder why a band-aid in the hospital cost 400 bucks? The government forces the medical industry to service the "poor" and the mass of illegals (who are subsidized by the government for the benefit of big business, as are all low cost labor, doubt that check out wal-mart).

    Want to fix the medical industry - kill the AMA, who moves to keep the number of qualified doctors artificially low, only the very rich or the government backed can afford medical education.


    We had a real choice - Ron Paul, and the RINO republicans, Neocon Trotskyites, and "centrists" all gathered to kick that movement for an honest politician in the shins. The "republican party" has this election and in the past put money into the campaign of Ron Paul's DEMOCRATIC opponents.

    There is only ONE party now - the bigger government control party!


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