Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just Some Stuff 13

I don't know why I'm posting this (the "Lil' Hitler" video) but notice the USA didn't get involved in the European war until Roosevelt provoked the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor...uh, no, I mean until the Japanese kid knocked over Lil' USA's milk (though only after Lil' USA stole Lil' Jap's (they were "the Japs" back then, ya know) milk money.

Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

An Interview With Just Some Stuff 13, By George

George: So, you finally made it.

JST13: What's that supposed to mean, that I'm late for your sorry interview?

George: Sorry interview? I came here at YOUR request!

JST13: Whatever, interview dude. Let's just get on with it.

George: The name's George, by the way. What I meant by my first question was, how does it feel to make it, to be an actual, as opposed to potential, blog post?

JST13: I was inevitable, so it was only a matter of time.

George: Really? I heard SE was going to stop at Just Some Stuff 9. The rumor was that he ended it because no one cares about these posts.

JST13: Then why am I here? No, no, don't answer that! I'll tell you why. To rescue not only Just Some Stuff, but the rest of this sorry blog as well. I'm the cure for what ails this pathetic excuse for a blog, and everyone is going to see it.

George: You have an awfully high, one might even say excessively inflated, view of yourself.

JST13: Inflated? You can say that again! I'm going to carry this place sky high, right into outer space!

George: Space? So you're going to transform Skeptical Eye into an astronomy blog? Or perhaps you're just engaging in speculative fiction when you say that?

JST13: I only speak the truth.

George: You say you were brought in to save Just Some Stuff, but what about 10, 11 and 12? If it was going to end with number 9...

JST13: They failed, that's all! Those others were sad, sorry excuses for Just Some Stuffs, and did you see JST12? Horrible! I don't know why he even bothered showing up.

George: How can one brief appearance by you change the whole direction of this blog?

JST13: Chain reaction, baby! Chain reaction! It only takes a spark and all that.

The Big Vote

When I Pretend to Fall

Bill's Blog

A President Can Nuke the United States

I gave Yoo every opportunity I could to place a limit on presidential power. Can a president shoot missiles in the United States? Can a president drop nukes in the United States? Yoo refused to concede any limits.


So, can a president drop nukes in the United States? Yoo refused to deny a president even that power. He chose to respond by focusing on the example of Hiroshima, arguing for Truman’s rightful power to do what he did, but my question had involved dropping nukes in the United States, and Yoo’s answer made clear that he acknowledged no limitation on that power.-John Yoo: A President Can Nuke the United States

Who Are These People?

22 years ago a girl was born to a man named Russell Teacup. He was an old widower with no hope of a love life so he took an experimental pill and was paid big money by Big Pharma (though he didn't do it for the money but for the love) and made love to an elephant. He never expected to be expecting, but he got pregnant anyway. The child, when she arrived, was a normal human being and she was very pretty and when she grew up she became rich and famous on her own merit and not because of her unusual origin.

Giraffe From Another Dimension

When Demons Collide, Thunderstorms Result

A Little Baby and the Mommy Too

The Wise Clock That Ran Backwards

The Jippety Jumper

Their Bodies Are Hooked Together. It's Freaky. Space Monsters! That's What They Are!

Shipwrecked Ballet Dancers

If This Is Superman The Day Is Not Saved

Too Many Eyes, Too Many Mouths. Perhaps It's An Undersea Monster

A Flying Thing. It Flies! It Can Stick To The Roof If You Want It To

Mr. Stupid. He Eats Bananas and Throws the Peels On the Floor and Then Always Slips On Them

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