Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Have a Right to Life, As Long As You Remain a Fetus

The "pro-life" movement is sick and hypocritical to its very rotten core. Many if not the vast majority of those who label themselves "pro-life" are the same people who cheered George Bush's (and now Obama's) wars of aggression. They have no compassion for the tens of thousands of civilians (including uncounted numbers of children) the U.S. Military and its "heroes" have killed (hey, just a little unavoidable collateral damage in the war on our terrorist enemies, right?).

Since they have no problem with their tax dollars killing innocents as long as those innocents have already been born (to object to having your taxes used by our heroes in military uniform for the killing of civilians who have been born makes you a traitor, of course), but they DO have a problem with their taxes ending the life of a fetus, the solution is obvious, the Predator Stork:

The cartoon is from via Check Your Premises.

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