Monday, March 15, 2010

The Current Corrupt System Keeps Us All Down

The state continually puts obstacles in the way of people earning their way out of poverty, or just earning an honest living, which is why what we have in North America is not even close to any kind of real "free market", in spite of the propaganda from both left and right.

I was watching John Stossel the other night on Fox Business Channel and the show was about government insanity (well, all his shows are about that) in the area of licensing laws. He had a couple of women florists on, because in Louisiana you have to pass a complicated test to be allowed to become a florist and make and sell flower arrangements.

Not only the state and its taxpayer parasites are to blame, however, as established businesses, corporations and professionals are in bed with government to keep out competition, as is so clearly the case with the licensed florists in Louisiana. Which is why it's not always the case that the successful in business owe it all to their providing the best product or service at the best price to the consumer.

I was over at The Commentator's blog and he too is having his own problems with bureaucrats in trying to start a business.

The fact is, the current corrupt system keeps us all down, and forced into wage slavery or the taking of government handouts (when they're available) most of the time. Apologists for the statist capitalist (as opposed to truly free market capitalist) system say I can quit my job whenever I want, it's voluntary. Yeah, right! I can quit and starve and die on the street! It's all a lie, and an evil one.

The freedom to make a living is a basic human right, and I, for example, should be able to start a taxi business with my car and a cell phone, if I so desire. Of course, if I dared defy my government masters in such a manner, I would be breaking the law, and would be shortly put out of business, and those criminals guilty of taking the bread out of my mouth would be vindicated in court by the Judges of the corrupt "justice" system, for they are judges in name only; in reality they are nothing more than black-robed tyrants.

Eventually, we must stop the state, for unless we do, it will kill off everything right and good.


  1. I hope the message isn't lost in the melodrama...

    It is ridiculously difficult to start most types of businesses, but the blame is squarely on the megaliths of capitalism. The government is what we made it... maybe not you and me, but America collectively past and present. We elected people who could be paid off by companies to write the laws stifling competition. We elected people who would not limit corporate donations. We elected the "tyrants."

    Eventually, we must stop the state, for unless we do, it will kill off everything right and good.

    I don't remember if you're in the "campaign contributions are free speech" crowd, but it's regulation that will save us. Regulation not of businesses and the personal decisions of the citizenry, but regulation of the government itself.

  2. I've often thought that the state should have licensed (whatever) plumbers that a person could hire but a person should also have the freedom to hire non-licensed plumber if he wants to.
    But a non-licensed florist? I don't know, what if he puts a flower in the wrong spot? Government intervention is surely justified. ;)


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