Monday, March 8, 2010

Stop Inflation, Elect Ron Paul

We have one Congressman in Washington today, Ron Paul, who understands that inflation is the biggest threat to our economy and how the Federal Reserve and our fiat money system is the root cause of all our economic problems. The Federal Reserve's manipulation of interest rates create the booms and busts, which transfer wealth from the middle class to the rich, while taking away our liberties and freedoms. Without the Federal Reserve, Washington would be forced to live within its means and all Americans would enjoy a higher standard of living. Unfortunately, the worse the U.S. economy gets, the more money the U.S. government spends. Americans will soon feel the pain of our deficit spending as massive inflation begins to take hold. The need to elect Ron Paul as President will soon become evident to all.

Ron Paul Only Hope to Prevent U.S. Hyperinflation

1 comment:

  1. Ron Paul tells it like it is, he should be our next president.


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