Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The World's Fastest Everything

In case you were wondering.

It's too bad the World's Fastest Undresser couldn't have been one of those women watching the fastest undresser undress.

Fastest Rubik's Cube solving? I can beat that, though in the other direction; I've got a Rubik's Cube from the 90s that I'm STILL solving.

No, the world's fastest pizza is still Little Caesars $5.00 Hot-N-Ready cheese or pepperoni.

I first discovered the diversion of the Windows version of the game minesweeper while working in sales. A homeless co-worker showed me how to expand the playing field and I got quite good at solving it fast. Oddly, there were people around me who had never seen or heard of the game. "What's that you're doing?" they would ask. They seemed fascinated by my minesweeping abilities, perhaps because when they tried it themselves they were unable to complete even the easy stage.

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