Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Some Stuff 5

video via Detained In Camp Miserable

Shark meat is not Kosher, or at least it falls under forbidden food according to Jewish dietary law, even though fish with fins and scales is allowed. Sharks DO have scales, though they're hard to see. God must have missed that fact when Leviticus was written.

"I can't stand the silence." This is what my mom said to my dad the other morning when she discovered the coffee was made but the TV was off. She likes to hear the news in the morning, of course, but it isn't only that that compels her. As far back as I can remember she has used television as background noise, as an electronic companion; a true idiot box that chatters incessantly but that can be shut up at the push of a button (though she rarely wants it to be quiet).

Whenever she finds dad doing nothing (as when he just sits alone in silence) she says she finds it "scary and weird". I actually find it a good thing to just be with nothing but your own thoughts, but thinking about it I began to wonder if I ever really practice it. I come home from work and usually turn the TV on right away. I also distract myself with the internet and sometimes the radio (though not music, but talk) and I do tend to get bored without any intellectual stimulation, which is why books are my most constant companions.

I often drive for two or more hours at a time, and that seems to be the one exception, for I can get along fine with only my thoughts and the highway. Perhaps it's because I enjoy driving and don't need anything else to hold off boredom. I wonder about people who constantly have to have music blaring from their car stereo. The one time I do enjoy listening to music is when I'm driving, but I don't feel an absolute need to have it, and I don't enjoy listening to the ear-destroying cacophony blasting from some moron's car when they pull up next to me at a light.

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