Monday, July 20, 2009


The following is just a quick throwaway I found in one of my old notebooks. It was inspired by an acquaintance and the supposed fact that most women are repulsed by men with "excessive" hair on their hands. I also considered what such a hairy man would say if he were a public spokesman for creationism. I mean, imagine being interviewed on television and denouncing evolution while looking like the missing link.

Ape, ape, ape, ape, man and monkey are alike!

Heavy hair on hands distresses, for it labels humans furry too.

Women are "turned off" by men with hirsute hands

But truth is truth, and we as animals die like dogs

And lose our gift of life.

The Bible toters places are filled with prejudice,

The stares are just as great there,

In spite of hearts transformed by holy love.

Perhaps the chimpanzee connection is too extreme

For their Genesis drenched minds to bear.

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