Friday, July 24, 2009

Begging For It

A co-worker has recently been fantasizing about quitting his job and becoming a panhandler. He dreams of easy money in Beverly Hills or Pacific Palisades, or at least of not having to drag his tired ass to work everyday and follow the orders of bosses who are dumber than he is. His fantasy is only a small symptom of the underlying hatred of going to a job that is shared by nearly all workers. Everyone lives for the weekend, and when Friday rolls around it's always "Thank God" time. It's a terrible way to live.

We've heard the stories of professional panhandlers making as much or more per day as wage earners, only all tax free (which is what justice requires for wage earners too, only there ain't no justice in this "land of the slaves, home of the cowardly").

Aren't beggars, though, some kind of parasite? No more so than everyone who receives a government check, in fact, beggars are much less parasites, as the transactions that occur between the givers and the receivers are voluntary. Plus, the beggars at least are telling those damn bosses to take those jobs and shove them. I wish I could do that!

So, though I usually refuse to give even a dime to panhandlers (figuring that they've actually got more money on them than I do) I may start contributing now and then. It's the anti-work thing to do.


  1. I often thought about heading to a Caribbean paradise somewhere and just...well, live on the beach doing odd jobs here and there.

  2. Maybe real beggars are getting a "bum" rap because of the charlatans.


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