Friday, July 17, 2009

A case for health care?

In this article the writer is trying to make a case for socialized medicine. He makes a pretty good case about the flaws in the medical insurance rackets but he misses the point about national health care altogether.

He shoots himself in the foot with the following quote:

"When I was in the Army and known to my friends as "Combat Cohen," I could not get over the fact that the American public supported high Pentagon spending despite firsthand knowledge of astounding waste and theft. I cite, for instance, the well-known and frequently witnessed pillaging of food by mess sergeants. From tasting their stuff, I can say that theft is what they did best."

He in one breath points out that the government can't stop corruption, theft, and terrible quality in what is essentially cafeteria work, then goes on to try and say they will do a good job with medical care. Seems the guy is a little on the stupid side. His points about the problems with insurance company practices being unethical are pretty good and well taken but he fails miserably to make a case that the Fed could do it better. In fact it seems he reinforces what I've been saying all along, that they will do much, much, worse.

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