Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The GOP and Libertarians

At this juncture, make no mistake that the GOP is fractured and aimless. The party suffers from internecine squabbling, even to the point of debating who its "leader" is, as if such debate doesn't prove there isn't one. History shows that such dysfunctional behavior is normal for a political party that suffers electoral defeat, and in fact can set the foundation for resurgence. Like the "creative destruction" of capitalism, this period of electoral eclipse provides the GOP with an opportunity to discard outmoded tactics and to consider ideas that were previously unacceptable. As Rahm Emanuel might say, the GOP should not allow this crisis to go to waste.

As part of its reexamination and restructuring, the GOP must reconsider the means and manner by which it assembles its constituency. Right now, there is a lot of churn and tussle going on within the party and among the pundits about how this should best be done. Many have their often conflicting ideas and opinions. However, hidden in the debate, one fact presents itself clearly: The GOP must figure out how it can have and keep its Libertarians.

Libertarians and the GOP majority

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