Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pelosi Propaganda, or the "Home Ownership Crisis"

I've been watching the cable government propaganda news channels a little today. This morning there was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holding a socialized medicine sob story propaganda conference. Up to the mike came a dark-haired woman who told her cancer story.

It was all about how the thing she kept thinking was "I can't afford this", yet later she talked of her house and how she always made her mortgage payments on time. She must have bought a house she couldn't really afford, because as soon as she had medical bills her house payment wasn't easy to make every month. Did she buy during the height of the housing get-rich-quick in real estate phony boom? If so, then she was just a greedy opportunist that I won't shed any tears for, especially since there are others who rent tiny rooms in someone else's house to keep a roof over their heads. Or they have a small studio apartment or live in a dump in a bad part of town where the rents are cheaper. Those people should be taxed to pay for this irresponsible woman's heath care?

Irresponsible did I say? She says she was/is self-employed. There are private health insurance plans available for the self-employed, and in any event, there are high-deducible plans available as well that won't pay for your office visits every time you get the sniffles, but will pay for treatment of major illnesses. And did this woman have the means to buy such insurance but instead decide she was healthy and young enough not to worry about getting sick (she admits she was "healthy" and didn't think she would become ill). We don't know, because such questions never come up in these propaganda sessions. We do know that she had enough money to buy a house and make the payments, as she says, "on time" every month.

So, while we're nationalizing health care, maybe we should also provide all those renters out there with homes of their very own, so they can have the same "access" to housing as this foolish woman.

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  1. Yeah, this health care debate you guys are wrapped up in is something else.


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