Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hot Days and Cold Pops

With the arrival of hot days, I decided the other afternoon while at the grocery store that I need something extra to keep me cool. A quick detour down the frozen treats aisle brought me to a stop in front of the flavored pops selections.

You do have to be careful what you buy though when it comes to frozen confections. One summer afternoon me and my sister took a walk down to the corner liquor store and decided that something called "Fudge Bombs" would be just the ticket to cool, creamy, frozen treat heaven. We had barely gone a block after our purchase when the frozen "fudge" in our little hands began melting faster than the Wicked Witch after being doused with water by Dorothy. We both agreed at that moment that we'd discovered by accident the perfect thing to give to a kid we hated. Not only our faces, but our hands, arms, shirts and even shoes were soon covered with the quickly liquefying substance. I wondered as we walked if James Bond had ever used a Fudge Bomb in one of his many escapes from evil geniuses.

We left a trail of melted ice cream behind as we continued down the street, before reality finally set in and we were forced to abandon our bombs in a trash dumpster.

So, instead of anything fancy, I decided the other day to just buy some simple flavored pops. Popsicle boxes filled the cool, sweet landscape before me, but being on a budget, I settled on a huge bag of tropical twin pops in pastel colors that was only $1.99.

Now, I don't really like the two stick kind of pops. I find them harder to eat, and I'd rather be able to enjoy a pop without having to learn juggling skills at the same time.

I also found out pretty quickly that the only flavors I actually liked out of the variety offered were the yellow and white ones (or "banana" and "coconut" if you prefer) and that there were a limited number of those two in the bunch. I soon found myself buying another giant bargain bag of frozen pops just to get to more of the yellow and white ones I was now hooked on.

So I have a request of frozen confection companies: please offer single flavor boxes and bags of your treats. I'll buy more and will stop giving the unwanted flavors to the neighbor's dog.

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