Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kidneys For Sale

Via The Agitator: Defending Organ Markets


  1. I'm amazed that there are actually people opposed to this.

  2. Yeah, who would ever oppose a system that would systematically victimize poor people forthe health benefits of the wealthy?

    Maybe people who already have a working heart...

  3. UK banning private transplants

    And I quote:

    "The inquiry [into UK transplants] found no evidence of wrongdoing in how organs were allocated to these patients, but concluded that in the interests of fairness no one should be able to pay for such operations."

    "Transplant surgeons said it would reassure the public that organs will go to those in greatest need."

    From each according to his ability...

    But as we all know, capitalism screws the average person and benefits the greedy rich people, while controlled economies are clearly egalitarian utopias, right?

    It's all in the interests of fairness that government decides who is worthy of taxpayer funded medical care and who is not. For your own good.


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