Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A funny idea I just got

Don’t ask me why, but for whatever reason I ended up on some random Stormfront thread earlier this evening. I forget what I was Googling (something on libertarianism), but this silly hate site full of uneducated Christian-fascist retards just popped up as a result.

This got me thinking: since I’m .1% Native American, does that disqualify me from joining their little club? LOL. I think it could make for a hysterical Borat-type gag: join a white nationalist organization, then announce in the middle of dinner that one is actually only 99.9% white and conflicted over which race should earn his respect.

Not sure how they would respond, but it would be, like, the most hilarious prank ever if it was caught on videotape (at least if it plays out exactly like it is in my head).

Of course, I would never go anywhere near these idiots. Someone else who is a minority of some tiny percentage should do it, then put it on YouTube. Then it would be funny.

Or maybe I just think too much about pranks that could be pulled.


  1. I look white but I'm actually 25% Mexican and my grandmother, who was born in Durango, was quite dark-skinned.

    I don't think "75%" white would cut it with those groups, but 99.9%?

    According to Wikipedia: In the case of Native American descendants with whites, the one-drop rule of definition was extended only so far as those with more than one-sixteenth Indian blood, due to what was known as the "Pocahontas exception." The "Pocahontas exception" existed because many influential Virginia families claimed descent from the American Indian Pocahontas of the colonial era. To avoid classifying such people as non-white, the Virginia General Assembly declared that a person could be considered white as long as they had no more than one-sixteenth Indian "blood".

  2. Very interesting, SE. For the record, I definitely don't consider myself NA. I just think it would be funny to see how far the dingbates really take their "pure whites only" schtick. ;)

  3. How would they respond? With respect, dignity and compassion.

    Bahaha, nah, with lots and lots of acidic hatred!


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