Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are You a Socialist? The Top 10 Signs

By Randy Herrera

After extensive research we’ve concluded that these are the Top 10 Signs you just might be a Socialist:

1. You advocate for equality for all and yet you want to raise taxes on certain social classes.

2. You support the troops but do not support the war and you did not support the war in Iraq but now you support the war in Afghanistan. So… do you want war or not?

3. You believe in bigger Government and yet you advocate for the government not to run your life.

4. You think that we shouldn’t outsource labor and yet you complain about the rising cost of consumer goods.

5. You want the Government to take control and regulate all private businesses and yet you work for or own a privately owned business.

6. You want to get paid the same as everybody else, but the average income in the US is probably less than what you are making.

7. You think that the Government should spend more money to stimulate the economy when the Government has no money.

8. You think that the tax increase will not affect you.

9. You sit around and wait for the Government to “help” you.

10. You blame the economy for putting you in the situation that you are in even though you’ve been in the same situation for years.

About the author: Randy is a business consultant for an economics research firm. He has a Business Degree with a concentration in Finance from Washington State University.

The "Are YOU a Socialist?" Flow Chart


  1. Well, I'm not a socialist. I don't agree with any on that list.

  2. Hi Pamela,

    Socialism is a complete failure and should be on the ash heap of history. It keeps raising its ugly head though, like some monster in a cheap horror flick that refuses to die.

  3. I do advocate equality for all and raising taxes for the rich. I don't think this makes me a socialist... I believe it makes you people idiots.

  4. I hope my comment is approved by the moderator of this site .. Allowing me to freely exercise my opinions on the internet would be down right communist...


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