Sunday, July 12, 2009

National health care.. Britain and Canada may not be quite the panacea that Michael Moore would have us believe.


  1. I can't wait until Moron Moore comes out with his latest.

  2. I do think one of the reasons that this country is so quickly falling apart is a lack of good investigative journalism. There was a time not that long ago when the sort of crap that has gone on under BushObamma would have been dug up and exposed or at least condemned, but we don't have that in this country anymore.

    I am not saying that the reporters of the twentieth century were all noble crusaders for truth and justice. They just wanted a story, many of them probably were shills and crooks but there were enough of them looking for dirt that it was usually found. Now however that doesn't happen. There are no reporters, just talking heads reading press releases. It is a tragedy that the last hard hitting, investigative journalist to make a mark on this country was Geraldo fucking Rivera. That is pathetic, what good is a free press when it bends over and lets the tyrants and criminals fuck it in the asshole.

    In a world with real reporting, trash like Michael Moore and the expelled douchebags wouldn't even make free showings at a local college, however this society is so desperate for a little journalism that we will accept even the most slanted, dishonest hack if he tells us he is investigating something.

  3. "Opposing the Machinery of Mass Conformity." I like that.

    We have a tendency in America to argue for or against a concept based on our own personal philosophy or view of the world, what advances our personal interests, or the interests of our party, family, organization, or region. Perhaps viewing the issue from a management or systemic perspective might result in innovative approaches to the issue. The American national mindset, citizen philosophy, lack of citizen motivation to be proactively healthy, and governance model make the socialization of health care in America very problematic, particularly at this point in time. A country needs to know its limitations.


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