Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cop Killa, Not necessarily safe for work, especially if you are a cop.

According to this A jackbooted thug tasered a young girl who had committed no crime and was not under arrest, for walking out of the police station, which she had every legal right to do. Her "crime" was that she committed a "delinquent act"(which wasn't illegal) then jaywalked which is technically illegal and can get a small fine or something. So pig justice shot her in the head and electrocuted her skull, one of the darts penetrated her skull and stuck in her fucking brain.

Considering how this would make me feel had it happened to my daughter made me think of this

Disclaimer for Big Bro. I am not advocating anyone going out and capping this brutal asshole anymore than Ice T was. It's a song man, 1st amendment and all that shit America used to stand for.


  1. These sorts of incidents with cops are becoming more and more common across the nation. They are no longer isolated incidents, but regular occurrences. What's worse, the cops involved often face no serious consequences for their actions.

    We are living in what now amounts to a police state.

  2. Yes and police states tend to become more authoritarian over time not less. I can not think of any examples of the state, any state giving back power or accepting limits voluntarily. The police state either leads to absolute suppression of the citizens.

    Once you get to that point changing it becomes kind of tough, ask the people of China or Iran. I suppose it would be best if resistance started before the resitors had been stripped of all of their power, but the funny thing about people is that they are so scared and often so stupid that they accept every indignity they can stomach before finally taking a stand. This means that the stand when it comes is going to be very, very,bloody.


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