Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Some Stuff 6

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Ten Truths About Obama

1. Every now and then, Obama opens his eyes and the world springs into existence.

2. When a tree falls in the forest, Obama hears it.

3. Obama can clap with one hand.

4. Prometheus was punished for plagiarizing Obama.

5. Obama can make a journey of a thousand miles without a single step.

6. Socks worn by Obama are used for climbing walls in Spiderman movies.

7. Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race when she learned Obama's true name.

8. "Obama" is the very first word in the English language to be a verb, adjective, noun, pronoun, adverb, interjection, superlative and pronad. (Pronad is a new category made specifically for the word "Obama" so its power can be fully realized).

9. When Obama squints dreamily into the distance, he can see next week's lottery winning numbers. But he never plays because that would mean poverty of ambition.

10. Obama can calculate your guilt just by looking at the numbers in your checkbook.

There's More

Historically, every financial and economic crisis has been used to further centralize power and concentrate wealth. This one is no different, and in fact the moves being promoted by the Obama administration and the central banks of the Western powers will take the whole world to the pinnacle of financial despotism -- unless enough people wake up and claim their own "money power.”-How Bad Will the Economy Get? Really, Really Bad

The Observable Universe, Top to Bottom (via)

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