Sunday, July 26, 2009

47 million uninsured?


  1. I don't think I fit into any those categories. I am on social security and not old enough for medicare yet and have not had health insurance most of my life.

  2. Part of the problem with this whole health care thing is simply the idea that you are "insured". As long as insurance companies are involved, we're going to get ripped. We need a national "health care" system that meets basic needs, sort of like Social Security. Then you can buy supplimental insurance if you want or need it.
    Also, the 47 million uninsured is a myth. The number of insured and "under-insured" is nearly twice that. In our health care system, those who are fully protected are those who need it least... the young and employed. I am an insurance agent. I know first hand that insurance companies do everything they can to avoid risk and payouts and thereby maximize profits. Your health, or the health of the nation, are the last things they give a rip about.


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