Friday, July 3, 2009

My next door neighbors are the biggest assholes on the planet

The people in the apartment next door to me have to be the biggest dicks I've ever had for neighbors in my life. They blast their loud, blaring techno music up as far as it can possibly go, for absolutely no reason except to just be obnoxious. And I'm not just talking about weekend nights, but all nights--sometimes until 3 or 4 a.m. And not just at night, but early in the morning too. This morning, they started blasting their music at 7 a.m. They're unemployed (I'm assuming), so what do they care?

At the same time, they stand right outside and chain-smoke like crazy. The nonstop music and smoke means I can't have my window open to get fresh air, which means I'm boiling like crazy this summer (I have fans, but no air conditioning). I can't sleep or even hear myself think. If I were to complain (this is supposed to be a quiet apartment complex), I have no doubt they would get pwned. Of course, it would be blatantly obvious that I was the one who complained, since I live next door. And that would just be awkward.

I can't wait til I'm out of this hell-hole. Just one more month to go...


  1. wow, i can totally empathize. sounds like you live in our old loft building! our neighbor was a major douchebag, his music was so loud it made our sofa vibrate and you could hear it on the floor below us!
    we had to leave, management didn't care that he was a jerk.
    i really hope you will find a nice quiet peaceful place to live.

    best to you,

  2. Holy crap! You're the guy that lives next to me who hates my tunes? Hah! Time to crank them even louder, right up to 11.

    (OK, SE. Either your neighbors are the biggest a**h*les or they are the biggest d*cks, but they can't really be both. Can they?)

    Sorry to hear you are in hell. I know the feeling, and it is one of the worst in the world. Good luck.


  3. No way to extract 'restitution'?

  4. Wow, I am sorry for the douche bag behaviour.

    There is nothing worse than crappy neighbors. I totally feel your pain, as I've had my fair share of douche nozzle neighbors.


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