Monday, November 5, 2012

Live Blogging 2012 Election Results

It’s here, and even though politics has me more burned out than an aging Deadhead after a house fire, I’ll be sacrificing my evening to the political gods to bring you up to the second coverage of the 2012 election.

What can you expect from the live blogging tomorrow? Well, for one thing, you’ll get the best damn analysis available from a guy sitting in a recliner watching cable news. I’ll also be focusing not just on the presidential results as they come in, but also on the House and Senate races. Finally, I’ll be responding to any and all comments you leave with real-time liberal snark.

So, I hope you come join us tomorrow at Skeptical Eye and make our site your first location for criticizing Obama’s re-election.


  1. I'm burned out on this whole election, too. I want it to be over (no matter who wins, and honestly, deep down, I don't really believe it does matter much) and yet I'm always suckered in to getting excited about watching the returns, especially when things appear close, and for a number of reason, I think it's a lot closer than you do.

    So, I'm looking forward to your live blogging tomorrow night. Carry on, Sir.

  2. Not only do I think it won't be close, I'll go on record as predicting Obama will win by 70-90 electoral votes. Not even Republican cheating will affect that.


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