Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jim Cramer, Moron

I hate that bastard Jim Cramer. How can anyone stand to watch him or listen to him, and how does he continue to have any credibility? He's irritating to listen to at the very least. He is predicting an Obama win today of 440 electoral votes. Hahahahaha!

The thing is, for President Obama to win with 440 electoral votes, he would not only have to outdo his 2008 performance (when he won with 365 electoral votes against a much, much milder opponent), but he would also have to win all of the Midwest along with a combination of heavily conservative western states and/or heavily conservative southern states. None of this seems very plausible. Considering Cramer is the same guy who, during the crash of 2008, recommended buying stock in Bear Sterns and Lehman Bros., perhaps his 440 electoral vote prediction is more of the same (i.e. a wild and woefully misinformed stab in the dark).-An Obama Landslide?

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