Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night 1976: The First Election of Our Third Century!

In which an incumbent (albeit unelected) President is defeated...

Jimmy Carter, the Southerner, peanut farmer and born again Christian, vs. some bland guy who stated "I'm a Ford not a Lincoln"

Kids mimicked their parents in those days, one stating he was against "Mr. Peanut", another declaring that Chevy was better than Ford (maybe because his liquor store clerk mom drove a Chevy pickup) and one screaming he was against both "jerks" because he was for "American Independence", which may have meant he (his parents) supported obscure third party American Independence.

Interviews with Mrs. Carter from Plains, an interview with Republican VP nominee Bob Dole (oddly enough at the Watergate Hotel!) We also see Carter arrive at his hotel where he watched the returns with his wife and we get a short interview with him as well.-http://youtu.be/-SI5zk6jO3E

ABC Called New York, Missouri, and Minnesota for Carter... Ford is still chasing him, he is starting his Midwest run, and the bigger states are beginning to make things interesting.

Ford is starting to make a comeback, all of the state calls are for him in this clip.

The race is still close as two of the bigger states are called.

The coverage is now into 11-3-76 and there is not yet a winner. The race continues to get close...(and Oklahoma was a tossup state).

It's getting tense...

We are getting close to a decision...

3:30 AM a winner is declared!

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