Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Democracy Fails

The results of democracy are manifest - constant increases in spending, with anti-spending movements being flash-in-the-pan spoiler operations. The Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party has not achieved any of their goals of cutting spending, and they most certainly will not since the incentives of democracy are against it, as are many of the beneficiaries of democracy-enabled theft.

One should place democracy in the same ideological zone as communism, because the underlying assumption of democracy IS communism, because it assumes things are already communally owned and thus can be voted on. If they weren’t communally owned, if an individual really owned what is called “his home” and “his money”, then you couldn’t just vote to take any of it away to give it to people who don’t have value.

(That’s another reason many are militantly pro-democracy: without it, nobody would care what they said or thought. Democracy is 1 person = 1 vote, giving worthless people a level of influence they couldn’t achieve by honest means.)

Democracy is a form of communism. And the US is a representative democracy. My prediction is that democracy will be remembered as a form of communism, and just as we wonder how the USSR lasted as long as it did under the impossible regime of explicit communism, people will marvel at how the USA lasted as long as it did under a regime of implicit communism. This is easy to understand, but difficult for most to swallow.

One last point is that democracy is inconsistent. Man supposedly needs a state because if left to his own devices it’ll be Mad Max, yet this state is to be controlled either through popularity contests (representative democracy) or man’s own judgement on abstract issues which he has no rational incentive to properly research (direct democracy). Man is fallen so needs a state, but this state is to be controlled by man?-Why Democracy Doesn’t Work

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