Tuesday, May 17, 2011

News and Notes: SPECIAL EDITION (part two)

It's only special cause I say so...

Latest update from Blogger:

Update (5/15 10:55PM PST): Blogger should be back to normal for the vast majority of people affected by this issue -- if posts are still missing, please check your drafts (you may need to republish). We are in the process of restoring comments made during the affected period from 7:37am PDT on 5/11 to 1:30pm PDT on 5/12. If you still have other issues, please contact us via the temporary form we’ve set up for this particular issue. Thanks again for bearing with us, we’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience we caused. We’ll share an incident report later this week.-Blogger is Back

I guess we here at Skeptical Eye are not part of that "vast majority". No posts or comments restored, and none of those posts are in our drafts, so I can't republish by that means. Blogger has provided a form (here) for the purpose of "reporting issues related to the Blogger service disruption", so use it if you are one of those who have not seen your posts or comments return, or have other issues related to the outage of last week. For myself, I don't think I'm going to bother waiting on Blogger. I'll try and start tonight on restoring our missing posts and comments myself.

This was going to be a longer News and Notes, but I'm running late, so the rest will have to wait (and if you feel you've waited too long, just do your own damn News and Notes).

Happy blogging!


Blogger has now restored most of our missing Skeptical Eye posts in drafts (there is at least one still missing it looks like, but I think I can restore it myself if necessary). I will repost these one at a time in the original order in which they were first published, and on the correct day. Another update will then follow when I'm done.

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