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Vaccines: combining human and animal dna

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What is most likely a very common and somewhat primal fear in societies around the world is the revulsion and fear of consuming other human beings. What may increase this revulsion is being force fed other humans and not knowing that you did it. While we may not as yet, be consuming other human beings per se, we are however, being injected via many vaccines with aborted fetal cells that could contain residual dna, viruses and bacteria.

I am not a doctor or scientist and don’t pretend to be. But even with my limited knowledge I can see not only the potential for great harm to humanity, but the unintended (intended?) consequences of tampering with human dna, uncontrollable viruses and bacteria.

While the issue of residual dna is downplayed by the science community, they do take great care to determine the medical and genetic back ground of the parents of the aborted child from whose tissue cultures for the vaccine will be grown. This of course assumes they are rejecting defective dna.

Cell lines, which can be derived from aborted human babies can last for decades and are developed from a single type of cell. Yet it is known that after continuous culturing these lines begin to mutate into cancer causing agents. If these cell lines do this spontaneously in the lab, what are the chances they are doing the same thing once inside the human body where the culturing never ends? (These lines can also have their beginning from various sources of animal embryos, such as the kidney cells of monkeys or chicken embryos.)

The science community marginalizes the possibility that residual dna could pose health risks for those injected with vaccines using human cell lines, yet the fact remains that history has shown us this is not only a possibility, but that residual viruses and dna disruptions from residual activity is a very real possibility.

The Sabine polio vaccine, manufactured by Merck, was contaminated with Simian virus-40 (SV-40) a virus known to cause cancer. Yet, even when this was exposed in the early 1980’s, the Merck said only that they would make no further vaccines out of this cell stock. They continued to use existing supplies of the vaccine until it was depleted in 1992. Approximately 30 million children worldwide were injected with this vaccine. There are at least forty known simian viruses passed to humans through vaccination and children are now found to be infected with SV-40.

Human dna was not decoded until 1983. Therefore, any vaccine produced before this time could not have included any dna testing. It seems to me that childhood diseases are natures way of pumping up the immune system and preparing the human body for fighting possible viral or bacterial attacks that could come from most anywhere.

Why we would be continuously injecting vaccines, which suppress the immune system repeatedly and continuously?

There are several cells lines used for vaccines, most of which are childhood vaccines, but the two most prevalent lines are WI-38 and the other is MRC-5. Both of these cell lines are very susceptible to a large number of human viruses which are used for testing.


WI are the initials for Wistar Institute of Philadelphia, Pennsylvanyia. The number (38) signifies the number of aborted fetuses Dr. Leonard Hayflick dissected before he successfully developed the cell line from the lung tissue of an aborted female baby of three months. Dr. Hayflick published his work in the medical journal, Experimental Cell Research. Hayflick disclosed in this publication that three separate cell lines had been developed from aborted babies. Included with the WI-38 were the WI-26 and the WI-44.

This cell line was developed from the culturing of normal lung tissue of a 14 week old fetus. J. P. Jacobs published his work on MRC-5 in September 1966 (Nature 227: 168-170, 1970),

From: Vaccine Contamination:

“The virus, (which in this case has a single strand of RNA for its genome) is capable of incorporating RNA from the cells in which it is cultured, into its own genome. If any contamininant RNA virus is present in a culture that contains 'immortal' (grown on cell line cultures) cancerous cells, this virus can easily mutate to include unwanted cancerous material , which can then get passed into the biological product intended for human/animal use. It is well known in the scientific community that after these cells have been repeatedly cultured a certain number of times, 'something' causes them to convert to a cancerous state. What happens when an immortal cell from a vaccine culture makes its way into the final vaccine product; does it keep dividing in the human/animal body?”

In vaccines, 100,000,000 bits and strands of dna are allowed per dose. This does not include viral contaminants. This does not include bacterial contaminations (endotoxins and excitotoxins).

Many viruses lay dormant in the human body until a source of inflammation brings them to life. This source is most likely vaccines as is evidenced by the epidemic of autism and neurological disorders as inflammation commonly occurs when the vaccine passes the blood-brain barrier.

We are being injected via vaccine with bits and pieces of other human beings; with the bits and pieces of other mammals. Whatever the intended purpose of vaccines was initially, it is apparent that too little is either known or acknowledged regarding the potential adverse side affects from co-mingling the dna of humans and animals and the potential for viral and bacterial cross-contaminations that can and do occur.

Several questions come to mind in light of today’s epidemic of neurological disorders prevalent is so many children, nearly all of whom have been vaccinated with dozens of vaccines.

1. Is the staggering rate of autism actually the result of the use of human and other mammalian cell lines in vaccines, causing some sort of attack on the neurological system due to bacterial or viral contamination?
2. Has anyone correlated the statistics on how many children who were vaccinated with the Sabine infected polio vaccine, who now have cancers or have died from cancers?
3. Has anyone tested the current range of vaccines for such contaminations?
4. Has anyone wondered if injecting human dna back into another human being might not be just immoral or unethical, but might also be causing genetic disruptions and mutations that could possibly be hereditary?

Human tumors containing SV-40 cancer virus are now found in 61% of autopsies of those who died after age 55. These are linked directly to the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccines given from the 1950’s through the 1960’s.

So what are we injecting our children, and ourselves with? What is its actual purpose? Vaccines have caused more death and injury worldwide than the diseases they supposedly were meant to eradicate or reduce. How many have to die or be injured for “the greater good”? When will we stop accepting terms such as “acceptable or anticipated levels of death and injury” as a result of not only vaccines, but also medications?

When did it become acceptable to kill or injure anyone while you marketed a product for profit that you were unsure of and didn’t know everything you should have known, about?

The other side of this is unthinkable: Maybe they did know.



JP Jacobs work on MRC-5


Click this link for an extensive list of vaccines using fetal cell lines. (Silent Voices)

Vaccine contamination

Human Genome Project

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