Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sitting Will Kill You, And So Will Everything Else

Someone at work mentioned this whole "sitting is going to kill you" thing. I'm sure it's true (we didn't evolve to just sit on our ass all day) but the reaction in the office was rather dismissive. I have no problem saying our wage slavery is killing us, none at all. A shorter work day, a shorter work week (at a level of comfortable compensation) or less monotonous jobs, would go a long way to solving these kinds of problems.

Sitting Kills Infographic

Via: Medical Billing and Coding

The chair thing, I love that! We just had a meeting with our manager, and he complained about people not being professional because we aren't all sitting up straight, we're leaning back in our chairs too much! I've got news for him; sitting up straight will kill you! Or at least ruin your back.

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