Sunday, May 8, 2011

SPECIAL QUESTION: What Did You Get Your Mom For Mother's Day?

As you may be aware, we ended our highly rated series Question of the Day a while back, however, like those new CNN Larry King specials, it hasn't disappeared completely, being resurrected to new life as our SPECIAL QUESTIONS!

This is the first of these SPECIAL QUESTIONS (if I remember rightly, who knows) so let's get it off to a roaring start, shall we?


  1. We don't celbrat on today like in america, but I get my mom something anyway. She likes to eat, so i got her some good candy. I love America!

  2. Your blog is sinking, getting worse and worse. Where is the old Skeptical Eye? Where is the amusing, intelligent commentary I used to read here? And only one so-called funny image on this post? Where are the laughs I used to enjoy? Where is the original content that makes a blog a blog? Why are you not even trying anymore?

  3. I bought her a picture of Obama the Monkey to put on her wall. Its eyes follow you around the room, like monkey boy's government watching like big bother.


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