Sunday, May 8, 2011

Men In The Mirror..Osama/Obama

Who wouldn't watch themselves on TV? I wouldn't, cause I know I'd just look like a total goofball, but I'm talking normal people here, like terrorist masterminds Osama and Obama.

Compare and contrast…


  1. Another right winger who hates Obama I see! He caught Osama which Bush couldn't do, and all you do is criticizes! Stop hating our President! he is doing all he can for this great country!

  2. peggy is just another sorry liberal left-winger I see. Obama is a little monkey boy, incompetent and pathetic. Obama is destroying our great country, not fixing it, making it worse. He is not even american as we know from the fake birth certificate. Obama is nothing but a communist liar, and he will burn in hell (the one for black monkeys).

  3. Hmm... I can't decide whether these two comments were done by the same conservative or if they were done by the same liberal...

    Since it doesn't reflect well on either, perhaps it was neither a liberal nor a conservative, just someone wanting to smear both. Ah, the fun of anonymous comments.

  4. @ bret

    sounds like your another liberal monkey boy supporter. To tell the truth is to smear? What about the facts of the fake birth certificate? Do some research. Obama background is left wing and he is a communist socialist and known liar. Can you deny it? I know yuo can't except by lying about it and giving cover to the traitor in the white house.


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