Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tax-eating Parasites Have Their Own "Facebook"

The filthy, parasitic, bureaucRATS have their own social networking site:

GovLoop - Social Network for Government

From their FAQ page:

GovLoop was created in 2008 by one awesome fed with an idea. He thought there was a need for a social network for the government community to connect and share information.

GovLoop is open to all members of the government community. We especially hope to recruit government employees from federal, state, and local government. We also welcome students and individuals interested in government service as well as government contractors.

Yes, all members of the parasite class are welcome! Good little Nazis from all levels of state tyranny welcome. And hey, are you young and interested in joining the gravy train at taxpayer expense? Uncle Sam's goons want you! Government contractors? Yeah, you guys are the epitome of the phony "free market", otherwise know as the statist crony capitalist system, and are really just an extension of the state, so of course, you're virtually part of the government (in fact, a very important part; without your lobbying efforts, so much government spending wouldn't exist in the first place) and therefore also very welcome to join. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

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