Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday Post: Where Have All The Chickens Gone?

I really feel like taking a Sunday nap (damn blog, keeping me fatigued all the time) but these posts must be posted, it's what you expect of a blogger, after all, right?

So, my chickens have disappeared. I refer to the feral chickens that have been roaming the neighborhood for months. Most recently I counted 7 roosters and 6 hens, and they would make their regular rounds twice a day. I even started using them as garbage disposal units and began supplementing their bug diet with various leftover breads, cookies and muffins. I must say, they love cookies and muffins! Now they've gone missing, and just when I was on my way to creating some really plump, fatty chickens. I wonder what happened to them. They were becoming quite eye-catchingly chubby, with their huge breasts and legs and...

Oh my God! What have I done? I don't want to think about it! Why oh why did I become so devoted to them? Now I suffer fantasy chicken pets withdrawal syndrome! And a hunger for some old-fashioned fried chicken!

Well, I just finished my tax returns for the state and federal criminal gangs that are extorting me. I'd report them for their crimes, but they claim the exclusive right to to decide what a crime is, and exempt themselves even when they commit the same acts they've made illegal for others. I spent a couple of hours doing my taxes, so not only was I wasting valuable time, but money (I "owe" this year, again) that would have been spent supporting a failing, dying economy on the verge of collapse due to the actions of those very governments, instead is sucked once again into the state's rat hole.

Yippee! I gots a new (well, used, but new for me) refrigerator to share with my roommate. It was only $100, so well worth it. It runs fine, and we have replaced our two dorm-sized mini-fridges with this normal-sized one that we'll share. We have just divided the inside in two (I have the left side, naturally, being the left-winger that I am, and my roommate has the right side). We each have one side compartment for condiments and such, and each get one of those fruit and veggie drawers. The freezer will be nice as well. I can finally buy more than a day's supply of things like ice cream, frozen dinners, and other items. My mini-freezer worked okay, until it became so full of frost that there was no room left. I've unplugged my little fridge (my roommate did his earlier) and set it in the garage for defrosting (with some towels around it). It will go to a good home (my dad wants it for his garage so he can have his cold drinks out there without my mom knowing about his secret stash of beer and soft drinks). was on the radio constantly...another Paul McCartney hit as he gave us the last gasp of his greatness at producing pop albums with Venus and Mars. Oh, I know, he kept making albums (still is, I guess, and I suppose that 1982's Tug of War was the real last gasp) but he was starting to decline in his song writing powers by the mid-seventies.

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