Friday, April 1, 2011

The Skeptical Eye Times Is Here!

When we make a promise, do we make a promise, and keep it, unlike Obama. Recently we informed you, dear readers, of our new daily paper, named after the editor of this great (greatest, if truth be told) blog, The Nikkolas Jakson Daily.

Well, once again we stun the world with our newest addition to the SE digital empire, the all new Skeptical Eye Times.

The SE Times will be our morning paper (for now) and The Nikk Jakson Daily our afternoon or evening paper. I grew up with evening papers, which for the most part don't exist anymore. They started to die out or become consolidated with morning newspapers around 20 years ago. It was one of the first signs that the dead tree media were on the way out, and slowly over the past two decades, that has come to fruition, with most daily newspapers struggling to stay in business. I love the idea of an evening print paper, but it's so passe in the age of instant Internet updates on the day's events.

So, take a look at our two papers and remember, when we at SE make a promise, people listen.


  1. Sorry. I only read mid-afteroon or late, late papers.

  2. An April Fool's day launch date... spectacular.


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