Sunday, April 10, 2011

Post of the Moment: How they fool you ("Honest" Abe)

A few stories surpasses the ordinary lying and becomes more than that, they become part of folklore, part of society and a part of who we are. Religious beliefs are the most blatant example of this; the manmade global warming scam is well on its way to be one to, albeit things have recently taken a turn in the opposite direction with that lie. They´ve also tried to do the same with smoking, fatty food and salt, with a decent success rate.

However I will here tell you another story, that of the evil Imperialistic despot Abraham Lincoln.

The story we get told in school and what is public “knowledge” is that Lincoln fought for U.S. unification and fought against slavery. He has been popularized by movies, papers and has his own statue in Washington. A hero.

This is a horrible and malevolent lie.

Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant, nothing else.

Don´t believe me? Of course you don´t, your entire life the lies have been feed to you, why would your brain all of a sudden accept something that is the complete opposite of what you think is true?


As he got into office, he launched a military invasion without the consent of Congress, which is unconstitutional; declared martial law; blockaded Southern ports, which is unconstitutional without declaring war; and he suspended the writ of habeas corpus and committed plenty of other atrocities along the way before finally a man stepped up and on April 14, 1865, and ended the life of one of the worst leaders in western history. I do agree that calling John Wilkes Booth “a hero” is to take it too far. Booth had several shady reasons for his act; however the end result, with a dead Lincoln, should be celebrated.

The Cautionary revelation of the apocalypse: How they fool you – Part III

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