Monday, April 11, 2011

Jack Hunter: The Real Extremists are in Washington D.C.

The following was recorded on October 23, 2010, but just recently uploaded. It features Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger, discussing the concept of nullification:

Basically, the idea behind nullification is that there are limits to governmental authority and that any time the government goes where it is not permitted, then we are allowed to simply say, “No”.  The trouble is, the government tends to have more guns than the average citizen, so we go along with the more absurd things (like regulating clown cars) because we’d rather not invite the trouble.

This is why having the state governments fight back is crucial.  Regardless of whether they are right or wrong, they will remain an unwritten check on Federal power.  Do you honest expect the Federal courts, both Superior and Inferior, to stand up for the rights of individuals over the tyrannies of the federal government?  I don’t, largely because the courthouse is just another playing field of the government.

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