Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Health Issues

This is a brief personal note. I've been dealing with some problems related to my bad back the last few days, so I haven't had the stamina to post as much as I'd like, especially those original posts I have planned (and believe it or not, I've got a huge backlog of those). I am going to post some videos and hopefully some other things today, but it might be slow. I will continue to post anything I find useful, interesting, or worthwhile, but I do want the focus here to change to more original posts, even if they're unrelated to politics and current events.

I had to go to work today in pain, and had a difficult time making it through, but I managed somehow. I also developed a whopper of a headache that made it almost impossible to do much of anything until a few hours ago. Also, I get home relatively late, and there is never much time before I simply become too tired to continue sitting in front of the computer. I do pledge this much to you at least: there will be more Gerald Celente videos, you can count on it!

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